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independent bands and musicians

Our free features make FourFour a "no-brainer" for independent bands and musicians. When you're ready to turn up the volume, we offer these optional upgrades.


Add Premium Services

In addition to all the free features you get by default when you create your band website on FourFour, you can also purchase these Premium Services to enhance your site.

You add Premium Services inside FourFour. Just login to your account, or, if you don't have one yet, sign up now - it's free!

Want a Custom Designed and Custom Built Website on FourFour? Now You Can!

If you would like some professional help customizing the design of your FourFour website, we're more than happy to help. Learn more about our web design services. We can professionally design your site for as low as $295!

Upgrade to "Go Official" for just $39 per year

You could buy a 6-pack of Dunlop Tortex guitar picks once a month, or for less, take total control of your official site by using your own URL and going ad free! Free sites use a FourFour address (like, and include outside advertising (which helps us bring you all the free features you love so much). While your FourFour address is pretty damn cool, if you want to make your site truly "official", we can map your own official domain name (like to your existing FourFour site. If you do that, you probably don't want outside ads interfering with your hard-earned brand identity and fan experience. So we'll nix them as well.

  • Use your own official domain
  • Remove all outside advertising from your website
"Advanced Designer" for just $19 per year

You could buy a Monster SP1000 Microphone Cable, or for even less, take total control over EVERY detail of your website's design by writing your own CSS code! For those of you who already have some mad CSS skills, or know a web designer willing to lend a helping hand (or are game for learning CSS!), "Advanced Designer" allows you to go way beyond our basic "Colors, Font & Background" design tool and professionally customize your site by directly editing your own custom CSS file. If you want to change your layout, use your own special font for menu links, control the display of sidebar modules on different pages, use images to decorate individual elements throughout your site, then this upgrade is exactly what you need.

  • Direct access to your custom CSS file for hand-coding your website design
  • Automatic CSS validation to catch errors before they impact your site
  • New Integration with Disqus Comments to easily add a comment system to your News/Blog posts
  • New Integration with Typekit to easily use custom fonts on your site
  • Immediate access to new premium designer features as they're released
Upgrade to "Unlimited Media" for just $59 per year

You could buy a pair of Vic Firth American Classic drumsticks once a month, or for less, unleash your music on the fans and industry! Running a site on FourFour without "Unlimited Media" means you're only streaming up to 3 songs in your Music Player and not offering your fans and the press free MP3 downloads. Since for many of you that just won't do, this upgrade removes all limits on your media, and adds a few really cool features to boot.

  • Stream an unlimited number of songs in your Music Player
  • Offer fans an unlimited number of songs as free MP3 downloads
  • Post embeddable play buttons throughout your own website and other sites
  • Add a Press Kit with high-resolution PDF documents, photos, and album covers for the media to download directly from your site
  • Immediate access to new premium media features as they're released
Upgrade to "Unlimited Email" starting at just $5 per month

You could buy yourself a few colorful Nino egg shakers, or for less money each month, start sending unlimited emails to your fans! Our free Mailing List features help you easily collect email addresses and other fan information (like their name, mobile phone, zip code and country), but you're not able to send emails out to your list. Instead, you export your list and then import it into another service. If you're like many of our artists, you really prefer to do everything in one place. These email plans let you do just that, as well as take full-advantage of additional features that uniquely integrate your mailing list with the rest of the FourFour platform.

  • Send an unlimited number of emails per month
  • Automatically include unsubscribe links in the footer of your emails
  • Immediate access to new premium email features as they're released
# Subscribers  
0 - 500 $5 per month
501 - 1,000 $10 per month
1,001 - 2,500 $15 per month
2,501 - 5,000 $20 per month
5,001 - 10,000 $30 per month
10,001 - 25,000 $50 per month
25,001 - 50,000 $100 per month
50,001 + please contact us