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FourFour Goes Free!

Today is a momentous day for FourFour.

From the very first moment that Trevor and I started working on FourFour, almost two years ago, we have been driven by a simple idea: every working band and musician needs an official website. If we could create a platform that made it really quick, easy and inexpensive for bands to build and manage their official website, then we could grow a thriving community of independent, DIY-minded, hard-working, and digitally-savvy bands and musicians. If we could develop a next-generation Web 2.0 platform, and the community using this shared platform grew large enough, we could then build powerful new management tools that leverage the collective intelligence of all these great artists, enabling them to more efficiently book gigs, get reviews, generate sales, and grow their fan bases. We have just taken a huge step forward in making this simple idea a reality.

Today, we have become the first...the one and platform built exclusively for bands and musicians to go completely free!

In the same way that Wordpress and other blogging services offer bloggers a free platform to establish a presence online, FourFour now becomes the first platform to do the same for bands and musicians. There are many bands who are just starting out, who want (need) an official site, that long for something more than a MySpace page, but cannot afford to hire professional designers and programmers. For many, they cannot even afford $20 a month. We want FourFour to become their platform of choice. We want FourFour to become the platform of choice for all independent artists - from the very new to the long established. By doing so, it is our aim to accelerate the growth of our community and begin evolving FourFour from simply a website platform into a full-blown online management system.

Starting today, bands can sign up to FourFour for free, and then, optionally, choose to pay for upgrades from an a la carte menu of Premium Features.

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Oh, what a day!

All the beats,

Steve & Trevor