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Mark Mathews

You write a 'Wonderwall" then!

Brothers and Sisters!!

Are we enjoying the World Cup so far?! Exciting stuff at the same time as being cripplingly sad...for us English...and maybe the Spansih too!

Still, early doors so keep the faith and all that, eh?!

I've been a busy, busy boy, working on the new music video, getting gigs booked in (the summer gigs start proper from this wednesday (18th June) at The Library in Islington (Can't wait. Get involved!) and testing out new material in the Captials underground!

Love me busking!

It's especially good as football fever has hit the capital and everyone is in fine spirits (read - Drunk). I've had some odd encounters with folk and some fun times with people dancing and singing along.

Like I say, love me busking I do!!

Now I am normally questioned about my busking activites with the standard questions being:

How much money do you make?

None of your business

Are you not scared doing it?

Only by certain small factions of society who are a couple of snadwiches short of a picnic, but overal I love it.

I really do!

However, the other day I was asked if I ever play covers. I answered with a 'yes', although I prefer playing originals and try to keep a healthy balance between the two. This was followed by being asked if I ever played the Oasis hit song, Wonderwall. When I answered again with a, 'yes' they kind of screwed up their face and looked like they had been sucking off a lemon

Yes, I said sucking OFF

See, there is this thing about THAT song. It is like the scene from Waynes World where the sign stating "No Stairway to heaven" is pointed at in the music store.

Now, I myself (an Oasis fan, which is a dirty thing to say these days) am not a huge fan of the song. I think it is a bit of a dirge and is something I would never put on and listen to, let alone play on guitar out of choice. However, I am asked to play it all the time when busking and I do so because it makes people smile. People genuinely LOVE It. I am constantly seeing people brighten up, dance and sing along to that song. All ages, races and creeds join in.


It is wonderful to see.

Now I draw the line at some cover songs. I will not for instance be playing the Rose Royce song, Carwash.


But the fact remains that so many people know Wonderwall. So many people can sing all the words (especially when drunk!) and regardless of what you think of it, there is some magic when a 7 year old and a 70 year old knows the words to a song.

Isn't that what all us songwriters want?

I know I do!

I think it's pretty incredible and so amongst the London Lives and Hard Foot Blues, I will always have time to throw in a Wonderwall. I don't care what anyone thinks...and normally no one can think because they are too busy singing along anyway!

Just an aside though, London Lives makes the most money when I play it and has the biggest chance of making people dance, believe!


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