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Where's The New EP

Well, the last post did make reference to it, so we ought to own up and say that the EP has been delayed until Autumn. But this is no bad thing. The band have been working really hard, not only on new material, but also re-vamping some of the older songs to make better use of some new instrumentation, as well as other enhancements. The running order for the EP has also been revised, which has also led to the slight delay.

Hey People has gone back to the factory for another overhaul, largely because we need to figure out how to balance the full studio, multi-layered production with a version that we can also do live. We've nearly got it sussed, but it looks like it'll miss the EP. But no worries - Think Of Love will be on it, as well as another brand new track.

We've got a couple of free gigs coming up to promote the new EP and we'll be Tweeting details as soon as we get the confirmation signed off. Keep the start of September free....!

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