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Mark Mathews

What the hell is going on?

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! (To the UK...Happy Monday to the rest of you!)

So, I've woken up to yet another storm circling the motor mouth, extraordinaire - Mr Kanye West! Oh yes, in yet another bizzarre awards ceremony rant, Sir West lectures the MTV Video Music Award crowd about him being an 'artist', smoking a cheeky joint and best of all, running for President! 

Yes, correct. As if Donald Trump isn't scary enough, 2020 just got a whole lot scarier!

What the hell is going on with this man and this modern world?! Is no one around him saying "No, Kanye. Please refrain from speaking in public ever again"? I mean, I'm no psychologist but surely this is a man who is losing his mind. He has a mental condition. He needs help.

His speech went from back tracking on his previous exploits (Taylor Swift Invasion) to talking of a world not run by brands. The strange thing being that Kanye is locked so heavily within brands (whether that be his own or other huge multi nationals) it is hard to work out what the man is actually proposing. Is it a brave new world in which we only ever subscribe to the brand "Kanye"? It is a flippant comment to make, but one that actually is beliveable when you see his speech. He does believe he is a Messiah of sorts. There is a Messiah complex going on and is steadily increasing. This is the state of a Dictator not someone that is out to save the world. Kanye has more in common with Kim Yung Un than Jesus Christ, as he likes to beleive:

These are very strange times indeed. We have a nut case billionaire in Donald Trump, running for President. We have had almost 20 years of Karaoke style game shows (Pop Idol/X Factor/ The Voice) that passes itself off as "Music" when it is about as enlightening as the remnants of a Big Mac after it has been digested and squeezed out into a toilet and now we have YET ANOTHER, Kanye West rant and talks of becoming President.

It's aggressive, it's nonsense and it's not progressing anything or anyone. How about using the art to make a point? Get people on board with your plight that way. Fight for a cause. Listen to 'Big Yellow Taxi' by Joni Mitchell and feel the power that song has. Can you imagine Joni Mitchell doing anything in the same vein as Kanye? He's not bringing people together, he's alientating people. He's on the one hand promoting glitz, glamour, capitalisim and then ont he other professing to be our saviour.

He's been having a break down in front of the world that is lasting for years and I for one am defintiely bored of it, but I am also a little concerned. Much like how long these talent shows have gone on for (surely they should have eneded by now?!) there seems to be a real hunger for someone as shallow and of little consequence as the multi millionaire, Kanye West. Can we please get real? 

Here's some Joni Mitchell: 

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