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Mark Mathews

What's on me Ipod!

Working in the studio making my album is great, thrilling and lovely...however, listening to the same stuff does take it's toll and by the end of the sessions I need to cleanse the pallet. So, here's some tracks I've been lsitening to of late to unwind and creatively clear my mind at the end of a long session...not that kind of session, filthy bastards...although I wish it was!

Editors - No Harm

From their latest album, In Dream, this is the opening track and is wonderful. It is one of those songs that when I listen to it I think "God, I wish I had written that". The album itself as a whole I'm not hugely into, I much prefer the previous one, The Weight of your love, but the first three tracks are belters and this is great to listen to on a late night tube home from the studio.

Goat - Talk to God 

Another opening track this time from the second LP from the band, Goat named, Commune. I became a huge fan of the psychedelic, trippy tunes of Goat after seeing their performance at Glastonbury 2014 and this album has lots more worldly sounds and Jefferson Airplane style guitars and vocals. Beautiful stuff.

Dr Dre - Just Talkin' to my Diary

The final track from Dre's latest album, Compton is a prdocution master class from one of the best in the business. The entire album in actual fact, shows Dre's Producing skills to still be on top form and he is able to move on with the times. 2001 it is not, which I think a lot of fans wanted, but I like how it is a different sound and I like how he has gone for fuller tracks this time round with lots going on.

Sadly, there is no youtube video to show as I assume Dre's camp have kept a tight lid on it being heard anywhere without a download. Spoil sports!

Charlie XCX - Break the Rules

Now this, quite something, huh?! Now strictly I have not actually been lsitening to this on my Ipod after a studio session but it is something that I have heard a lot of and I am absolutely taken back by the production of it. I think it is a phenomenal pop track and what's interesting is how slow it is (around 90bpm), which allows everything to sit perfectly in the mix. It's truly wonderful.

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