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The Anteloup News Page seems to have been fairly quiet since Christmas, but this doesn't mean the band have been sitting back - far from it....

No fewer than 3 new songs are nearing full production; Think Of Love, Major Banker and Hey People, while some of the older songs have had a bit of a face-lift to take full advantage of Keli's singing and keyboard abilities. Check the Songs section for more info on the new material.

Gig-wise, Anteloup are planning a busy Summer and Autumn period, and are currently looking at some free gigs in local venues. We're heading into barbecue and beer festival season now, so keep you eyes peeled for the fivesome to be sneaking in a cheeky set here and there.

Studio-time is also on the cards, as well as a FREE TO DOWNLOAD EP, which is planned for August! 

Obviously all updates will appear in this news section, but also follow the band on Twitter @Anteloup.

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