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Mark Mathews

What a year!

Brothers and Sisters!!

Well, it is almost all done. Wrapped up. FInished. Fin. Over. Insert verb here.

Yes, we are moments away from turning from 2014 to 2015! The freaking year that Back to The future was set...Great scott!!!

2014 was a year that seemed to pass at an astonishing rate, but when I look back, there was SO much achived and so many people that were a part of it! 

Yourselves included!!

Yes, I started the year with three new recordings, that were planned to be released through an independent record label.

Times were good.

And then I was given a very quick education about the music industry and found that the rumours are true - Old school labels (I realise there are some good ones around!) literally do nothing and take a cut of your profits for the privalege. The owners dress like twats, desperatley want to be younger than they are and pay themselves to spout utter bull shit constantly.

However, the  first half of the year taught me a hell of a lot, most importantly that I can do everything that the labels promise. I set up my own label (Colossal Records) and released my third single, Someone, on it.

Good Times!

There were also two top videos for the singles, 'London Lives' and 'The Girl', directed by the ever talented Mike Sumpter and Pardeep Sahota repsectively. Both shoots were chock full of taletned crew and extras - Jordan Maders being head DOP on both videos, Edting skills from Waiel Al-Nour for "The Girl" and Eoin Martin for "London lives" as well as Ed Matthews and Emmett Glynn for their expert sound skills, to name but a few.

SO much fun was had, which can be seen in the behind the scenes documentries direected by Liliya Yovcheva. Also, if you wonder "Where is the video for 'Someone'?" Fear not! It is coming and will be released with the EP on February 16th 2015.


On the live side I was BUSY! There were 60 gigs performed, countless busking slots played and I continued to perform at Chelsea and Westminster hospital to ease the suffering of the Cancer and HIV patients. I played with my new band "The One Ts" on a monthluy basis and saw new crowds be drawn to my music. Stage invasions, heavy drinking and good old fashioned partying was the story of most of my performances. 

I got a lot more coverage in 2014 on TV, radio and press and although not the reason why I do it, it was wonderful to have such a positive response from so many reviwers and media types! One in prticular needs to be mentioned becasue of her constant support, absolute belief and help with my career regardless of how quickly (and rightly so) her blog is growing - I believe the 1 million views mark has been reached! So,massive thanks goes to the amazingly talented and wonderful Vanessa "Jetwash" Jertschewske, from House in the Sand. People like her are a musicians dream!

There are so many people that have helped me out in one way or another this year that it would take too long to list you all, but I do need to mention: 

Cecilia Paulsson for her amazing photo skills, both for my press shots and the artwork for "The Girl".

Devora Nikolaeva for her acting skills in "The Girl" and her beauty for the artwork for the same single - I'm convinced it was her that made my record sales spike on release day!

Michael Hurn for his artwork for London Lives 

All members of The One Ts circa 2014

And of course every single one of you that has come to a gig, bought a track, liked or followed me and just been down right awesome!

I love you all for it, I cannot thank you enough. 2015 is gonna be mega, believe!


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