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Welcome to the new, finally we have a new site with an easy interface for us to update on the fly thanks to Steve at This site will focus on current events, the new record Infini and the live band. thanks to Yurri, will remain the vault and comprehensive site for all era’s of Voivod as well as the infamous and it's forum. Give us some slack as we populate the site and bring her up to warp speed.

Here we go, Voivod Mach 3 recorded Infini, Voivod Mach 4 is on tour and Voivod Mach 5 is in the works…got that?

Infini was Piggy’s brainchild, the beautiful little man left the world a gift that Snake wrote the lyrics to and sang his brains out for, Away did the drums and the artwork, not once but twice to the whole record with Glen Robinson tracking the final vocals and drums, Jasonic well he fucking rocked the bass, and his beloved Theramin to create the  great sound effects, with Enrique Gonzalez Muller minding the meters, then they mixed the whole thing like only they could. The end result is Infini, which is now available throughout this Universe on Nuclear Blast, Relapse, JVC Victor and Sonic Unyon records. The results are astounding considering the circumstances, the budget and the geography involved. This is Mach 3’s crowning piece to The Voivod story. 3 records from 2002 to 2009 “Voivod” “Katorz” and “Infini”, there will never be a Mach 3 again. Denis D’Amour, Michel Langevin, Denis Belanger, Jason Newsted …the gods of rock thank you.

Mach 4 was a risk that had to be taken, with Jason sidelined, no guitar player and very little incentive to put the Voivod machine on a stage again, it seemed that Voivod was over…or was it? Piggy went to all the trouble to get his songs in order while he was dying when he could have let it be and lived out his last days doing something else but the motherfucker never ever gave up on Voivod, he loved Voivod, he was proud of Voivod and his efforts left his friends a and fans a reason to carry on.  Snake ignited the spark that fueled the birth of Mach 4, he said “if we never play the songs again does that mean they die with Piggy?” Would he not want his creations to be shared and experienced by old and new fans alike? Problem was who could even come close to doing what he did with a guitar? Dan Mongrain was the answer, a Quebecker, a Piggy worshipper and a music prof to boot. What about Bass? Blacky? WTF? Never in a million….he said yes, they jammed and they had shit eating grins again. Mach 4 is about playing when it feels right, for the fun of it, nothing to prove, playing classic era Voivod songs.

Mach 5, Piggy willing, will be with Jason banging out the songs they have never played live from Katorz and Infini as well as some gems from 2003’s Voivod record they did play on Ozzfests, an Ozzy tour and a Sepultura tour. Newsted the crazy metal loving hyper active bass monster played 4 hours a night during Ozzfest a fact that should be contemplated more, he was playing bass for Ozzy too and Ozzy was hell bent on playing the longest sets of his career, Jason raced from an intense Voivod set every night to get ready for the headline set with Ozzy, could you have done that? Only a man with his experience, super human strength and passion could have.  Mach 5 could happen anytime and why not?

There are many projects at various levels of completion that will see the light of day, Michel’s artwork book is finally out, a Live in Japan DVD of Mach 4 is almost done, a documentary on Piggy and the band, the re-issues of Rrroooaarrrr, Killing Technology and Dimension Hatross, A DVD about the Eric Forrest (E Force) years when Voivod was a trio. Jason has recordings from his Chophouse studio of rehearsals as well as great tour footage. Along the way we will discover more lost recordings, footage and goodies from the vault.

Voivod is made up of a few dedicated people and has changed, been influenced by the additions and subtractions of the select musicians who have had the sheer joy of playing the songs written by bored stoned Quebec teenagers, who morphed into experienced young adults of Montreal to the men they are today. 3 decades of dedication to playing music from a perspective of love of all genres melding them into the sound they hear filtered through their life’s experiences, an angst that won’t die, a love that will never end for the killer riff that raises the pulse and sends the endorphins racing to the face making one smile and laugh for the sheer joy of creating something powerful from nothing.




Angel Rat
The Outer Limits
Killing Technology
Dimension Hatross
War and Pain
Warriors of Ice
To The Death 84

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