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John-paul Gard

Web Update for 2014 Videos and News

Happy New Year to you all, heres a few highlights of 2014, in the videos section theres quite a bit of new stuff including

Videos for the UK tour with Jon Dalton in June,A new promo video with the Diamond Dust Band, Some new videos of me at the Barga Jazz Festial in Aug, Videos of the UK drum Fair with me and Robert Brian, and lastly my New Solo Project there are 4 new videos

Im going to post some new pics of stuff thats happened last year too

Last year has been great year for me and have played a met some great players and met some great new friends

2015 is going to be good, theres some nice gigs coming up a new video with the Amazing Colin Tulley Trio in Feb, and the development of my LA project this year

Will keep it posted up here 


Come On Rita

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