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Mark Mathews

We are not Worthy (farm)

Brothers and Sisters!!

How was your weekend? Did you make it to Glastonbury? If you lucky buggers!

I think that this years was one of the best of recent times. Owing to gig commitments I couldn't actually go down to Worthy Farm and get involved, however I managed to watch hours and hours of it on the cost of everything else I needed to get done!

A small price to pay though, as I was just astounded by every act I saw. Whether it be on the Introducing stage or the Pyriamid stage, every act seemed to have turned it to eleven and gone that extra mile. Haim, put on a great show even if their lipsticked bassist did look as though she had shoved 14 grams of MDMA up her anus.

There were so many acts who put on a proper 'show' this year and made it abundantly clear: You gotta be good to be on the top. It really opened my eyes and allowed me to see what it really means to be an act. Those 4 or 5 people (or 45 if you're Arcade Fire!) on stage are lifted to a status of almost God like stature (well, that's the pedal stool I put bands on, anyway!). I want them to be out of reach, out of this world and out of their mind as they play their Bass guitar or whatever. They need to be doing something so awe inspiring that you are amazed at where it cam from...Did you see Royal Blood?...I mean, fucking hell, that's a bass guitar he's playing like a guitar!!!

This years festival re-energised my love for live music and I wasn't even there! I was inspired, dumb founded and back in love with all that is happening in the world of Western music. Lilly Allen proved how great a pop act she is, Kasabian put on a 'go fucking mental' rock n roll show and Dolly Parton sang the hits through a mountain of Botex atop the biggest tits in the business!

Myself and The One Ts played on Saturday in Piccadilly. It was a pretty good show, (aside from a dodgy Promoter, but I'll save that rant for another blog post!) but after Glastonbury I want more! So, expect us to be sticking class A drugs up our arses, make our instruments sound like something else and for us all to have face lifts and gigantic man boobs.

It'll be one hell of a show, believe!!


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