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Weston James

Vote For Me ON CMT's Music City Madness!

Wow!   Got the news today that I was selected as on the of the 64 finalists in CMT's Music City Madness Singer/Songwriter Competition.  CMT had a record number of entrants so it is pretty thrilling to be even one of the finalists!  

Since this is an American Idol style competition, whoever has the highest votes wins.  SO PLEASE  HELP ME WIN !!   Click the picture below and you will be taken to  Look for  "Weston James"  and the song is  "Jose, Jack, and Jim."   You can vote as many times as you like,  but make sure you vote  before November 2nd, that's the 1st round voting deadline!   Vote often  and vote  early!   Thanks  for your help!

Click now to vote for your favorite finalists now.

Country & Weston

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