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Dave Magario

Update: The last month

So it's been a roller coaster couple months. Shows coming and going. CDs flying everywhere. A veritable whirlwind of work, shows, life, and everything in between. And I have barely kept up with it. But this saturday is the last show I have booked right now and probably a much needed break to refocus and get some more recording done. (need to finish a particular project that I've been neglecting!)

This month has also been very difficult. It has been just over a year now since my nephew died of complications from chemo-therapy. He was actually cancer-free when he died. But his body could not cope with the aftermath. Remembering him is the greatest and most difficult thing I have experienced emotionally. It's hard to remember the hilarious moments when I was there for his last. But I do remember the beautiful things that surrounded him and his brilliant wit all his own.

I played a benefit concert for the Relay For Life foundation this passed Saturday. I was emotional and I played my heart out thinking of him and hoping I was honoring him with my few songs and my voice. It was a great event and I will continue to support the Cameron family and the rest of the amazing people involved.

So that's the lowdown. I wish the best for you all this spring of 2009. See you in a couple days.

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