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Echoes de Luxe

Update 8.14.09


These days finds us seriously looking into our recording options for releasing the next batch of songs.  For those who have caught our live show lately you have heard some of the new stuff  We have been getting great feedback on it-it's very encouraging!  The new tunes work to "fill in the gaps" on the EP, and also see us pushing ourselves in new directions.  Regardless we really want to see a release before year's end, and are working hard to make that happen. 

In other news we are currently booking as many shows as we can over the next few months.  We are sticking to So. Cal. right now, but as things progress we will start reaching out to our friends in San Fran and the Northwest, Vegas, Arizona, etc.  A true goal would be to play our old haunts in New England, which we left so many years ago, but never really "left behind." 

New merch is also on the way, and we will have shirts and posters for sale on the site soon! (we hope) 

*PLUS* good friend Todd Newman (a familiar voice to all "Dark Matter" listeners) is editing together a live video of "The Price of Love" from the footage he shot at our show 7.19.  Should be finished and put online asap!


Check back for new dates, and keep on sharing the music!

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