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Mark Mathews

Tune of the week!

Brothers and Sisters!

It's that time again: Tune of the Week!

Today it is: Brian Protheroe with his track "Fly now".

The only reason I am aware of Protheroe is from an interview with Noel Gallagher who said his friend and fellow Mancunian talent, Morrissey, turned him on to the track, "Pinball", which he now loves. I checked that song out and then the back catalogue of Protheroe and he is colossal! This track is so short and simple and yet it is so memorable and catchy. My kind of shiz! However, do you think that the 'Scissor Sisters' have COMPLETELY ripped him off? I smell a court case! - Oh and this is by far better than the friggin 'Scissor Sisters'!

A seriously great artist and one to check out, I think you'll agree!

Remember folks tonight we headline the Camden Barfly

So, come on down for some messy, tuneful times! It's going to be mega, believe!!


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