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Mark Mathews

Tune of the week!

Brothers and Sisters!!

Those of you who are my Facebook fans will know that each Friday I have a 'Tune of the week'. It could be a song I have heard that week, it could be a song I remember from my yoof (!) or even an act I have played on the same bill with, but each week I find a track I simply love.

As I've been writing a daily blog now, I've decided to move this weekly event from my Facebook page to be here on my website. Facebook fans will still get the link to it, but this way I can give a little more information about what the song means to me and why it has been chosen as tune of the week. 

So, without further ado the tune of the week today is: Mumm-ra, She's got you high

I love simplicity and catchiness in music, because it is the hardest thing to actually pull off, and this tune has both of these aspects in spades. From the second the track starts with that riff, it is instantly recognisable and from there it keeps on building and building into pop song perfection! Throw in the multi harmonies and vocals and you've got a beautiful 3minutes of music that never, ever fails to get boring. I love it!

This is certianly a song I wish I had written, believe!!


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