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Dave Magario

'Tis the season...for a new cd!

Sorry for the lack of posting in the way of extending blogs. I've been keeping it to the micro-blogging through twitter (and everywhere else) but it's time for a monthly wrap-up (november, that is.)

November. Man, oh man. I managed to finally get some great audio at The Q gigs. This means the live album is going to be a reality, not just something I talk about for three months at gigs. Over the course of nearly 3 months, I recorded the bi-weekly shows at The Q Cafe. It happened to be a Friday the 13th that I managed to get what I was looking for. So, with the help of a few tracks taken from other gigs, this will be a 14 to 16 track album!

I've given myself a 2 week deadline to get the audio kinks worked out, album artwork designed and finished, and get it ready for the internet. I learned my lesson releasing the digital version of the 'demo for the solo listener' EP. It takes a month to get the music out to all the distributors. So, the goal is another mid-January release, both physical and digital, of "Dave Magario: Live at The Q" ...

So if I am laxed in responding to your emails, IMs, texts, or any other communication, this is why. In addition to working on the album, I've also been diligently advertising and trying to get you, the fans, involved in the work, too! While I'm on that - IF YOU WANT TO HELP and have not already begun to do so, please email me ( to find out what you can do. There has been a HUGE influx of new fans in the last month. So thank you to that handful of you already doing your part!

Nextly...Have you noticed the new logo? It's not exactly new, its just never been seen until late October when I finally got a scanner/printer. So now there are stickers at shows. And as for those hand-made denim bracelets, I've only got two left that are finished. I have to go to a Salvation Army pretty soon and get some more jeans to tear up and reshape.

So that's a pretty concise summary of the last month or so. December's already whizzing by and I've got a lot to do! There's a few shows coming up and then its the new year! holy crap, right? Don't stress over the holidays, friends. I don't want you spending money you don't have because you're "supposed to." Do something nice for those you love. Remember what it's all about. Celebrate life and family and the freedom to do so.

Be safe!
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Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
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