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Mark Mathews

The yearly love in!

Well it is that time of the year again - The final day of 2015 - and this means time to reflect on it all. There has been lots that have happened and tons have been achieved and none of it would have been possible without the help of many different, wonderful people and so it's time for me to show my gratitude.

So, let the love begin!

Firstly, to all the venues and promoters that have booked me and had me come and play, thank you. I've notched up hundreds more gigs this year and made many new fans and been able to perform a whole ream of new songs. Particular thanks goes to Chris Harrison and Ant Buck, who continue to be the fairest and most artist friendly promoters in the city of London who care about keeping music live. Thanks for all the bookings and I look forward to more next year.

Thanks also goes to Threshold Sports, namely Amanda Hassett and Maz Hedley-Lewis, for their continuely giving me corporate bookings and also Gordon Brown (not that one!) for keep getting me back to perform for the Rugby boys at the OMT.

My music got a lot of plays this year on various radio stations, but one stood head and shoulders above the rest with a constant use of my music and so thank you to all the DJ's at Croydon Radio for that. Special thanks goes to James and Kylie from the 'Live this week show' who have championed me on their show on more than a few occassions! 

As well as radio, thanks goes to all the websites and magazines that have featured me this year. There has been a lot of very kind articles and I am very grateful for each and everyone. Special shout out as always goes to the House in the Sand music blog and more directly to Miss Vanessa 'Jetwash', for being a long time supporter of my music and also for having one of the best music blogs on the net! 

2015 also was a year of recording. It was a very long process but 'The Raging Sea' album was completed this year, (due for release in March 2016) and it was a process that needed the help of a lot of people. So, thanks goes to James Grant, Tasha Taylor-Johnson, Ricardo Piazza, Benjamin Wingås, Antonio, Jesús Daniel Torres, Michael Jenner for your amazing skills and talents. But none of the recording would have got done without the legends that are MIrko Simoni and Rodrigo Roura - We made a belter boys! 

And whilst we're on the subject of the album I want to thank Valentina Rutigiano for doing the artwork for me. It is exactly how I imagined it in my brain box so I am very happy indeed!! 

The Engine Rooms rehearsal studios is where The One Ts have honed thier craft and we also have had the pleasure of playing a gig there and being recorded for their youtube channel. So, thank you to Issak Rushton and Lewis Edwards for having Londons premier rehearsal studios!! 

And seamlessly we move on to The One Ts. We went from a 4 piece down to a 3 piece mid year, as the greatest guitar player I've had the pleasure of working with, Sir Paul Andrews AKA Pobbles, was set free! I want to thank Paul for his incredible contribution to the band and the amazing gigs we did together and I look forward to playing some shows with his new outfit in 2016. 

But I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude to Chris Spore and James Grant for their incredible talent and musical skills. The One Ts have proved how big a sound and how great we are as a three piece. We have played a heap of fantastic gigs and we continue to get better, to achieve more and 2016 looks set to be an exciting time for us. 

And finally, (as this is probably gone on for long enough!), a big thank you goes to all of you around the globe that have supported me whether that be coming to my gigs, buying or streaming my music or simply sending me messages of encoragement. I wouldn't be able to do what I do without you, so here's a virtual high five to each and everyone of you! 

Let's also take a moment to remember the lost greats of 2015: Cilla, Lemmy, B.B King, Ben E. King and Percy Sledge. RIP. 

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year and I look forward to releasing new music and playing many more live shows for you all!

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