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Dave Magario

The Website Moved...

...and I bet you didn't know!

The server I was on before wasn't working anymore so I moved my hosting over to a better cheap-as-free service. If the mp3s aren't working yet, don't fret. They will be back in a few days (still getting used to how they do things at my new web-home.)

Speaking of mp3s, right now you can hear the whole 'demo for the solo listener' EP on myspace plus the extra track that's been sneaking into newer copies of the disc. Check it out if you haven't heard it yet!

Keep your eyes open for an article coming up in the July edition of Pulse Magazine. Plus keeps your ears primed for some snippets of weird recordings and maybe some more gigs.

I'm still working on this epic three-part composition. I still don't know where to go with the final piece. It's in there though, waiting to make sense. I've also started tinkering with some really really old piano compositions that fell by the wayside while I learned to bash on my guitar for the last 6 years. Time to put it all back together, right?

More to come...

Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

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