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Mark Mathews

The Train Driver

Hello, Brothers and Sisters!!

How's the bank holiday weekend been thus far? Hopefully, full of fun, booze and sun!

Everything here is going well, gearing up for the release of the Music Video (some news soon to follow!). For the mean time you can watch the second part of the "making of" video here:

I am just getting reading to jump onto the DLR and head to Camden Town to do another show at Proud Galleries (I love playing there!). Now, I've noticed I am gaining more and more fans from America and South America and you guys may not know what the DLR actually is.

Firstly let me say, 'Howdy', 'Hola/Ola" to you all and it's great to see I have fans over there! Big Love!

Secondly, the DLR? Well, it's a robot train that goes from Lewisham, in South East London, to Bank in Central London. There are no drivers and it goes through the futuristic city scpae of Canary Wharf. A mono rail in fact. The best part of it is you get to sit at the front and pretend you are driving, if you want to that is!! 

And it does appear that many Londoners do want to be doing just that as there are Facebook groups and Twitter posts about grown men and woman pretending to be the driver. Hmmm, sounds very sad when written down, but I defy anyone to not do it when they get on! 

Part of the Music video for London Lives was filmed on the DLR in actual fact and we got some great shots of the city scape and tunnels int he backgrounds. You'll see it when the video is released really soon and remember the single for London Lives is out on the 26th May!

The band have been rehearsing, getting ready for the release gig on the 31st May at Spice of Life, a must see, but if you're impatient we'll be doing a warm up gig on 17th May with just three of us at The Bohemia in Hackney

That's it for now but there is lots more stuff to come, believe!!


The London Lives single is released on 26th May 

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