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I've done a few overlong recordings this past week first a 2 hour track that turned out a bit off due to rough vocals, then a bit later I made a 3 hour 15 minute take on the track Isolation Tank which has 28 pages of lyrics. After playing through it it was tedious to listen to so I've decided to re-write the song with new lyrics and do a different recording in the near future for it with extensive edits to the music. The basic concept is a song with thoughts of isolation living in a metal tank (mind set) and various expansions of longing. Also some clips filmed on an sq12 and a timer will be added to measure the duration of the new video. The original also had a vhs in the background playing to create more audio effects I created called isolation back in the day with bizarre footage throughout. It's not certain how long or when this new version will be done but it is expected to be a vast improvement. Also an hour long recording called "Traffic Jam" was also made with the concept of being stuck at a stoplight where it's green for a few seconds and stuck on red for ages before turning green for a few seconds to proceed. It's really just a background track put on Storm Seizure and added voices would've helped the song sound better. The trouble is my overlong songs get annoying after a time so it's not recommended to listen intentively or in one straight shot, rather they are just background tracks done as a musical challenge.

Traffic Jam

Also due to the weather I've had to pause working on the next video album. Imminence and Re-warped (2 EP's in 1) surfaced in the past month also.




The Wrath Child (single)
Rollin' On (single)
Head Confusion (single)
Scorched Earth (promo)
The Collector Of Lost Souls
Acoustic Accusations
Desolate Mass Waste
The Lost Archives
Dumpster Divers & The Receptacle Kings
Industrial Waste
The War Machine
The Dream Dimension
Vodgeny (single)

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