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The Inexorable Advance of Generalissimo

The Memorial Day Reeducation Demonstration was an unqualified success. Moggs initialized the proceedings with their particular brand of angular yet hypnotic audiophiliac rock. Police Teeth then tenderized the attendees with hammer blows of raw rock aggression through a marinade of shameless pop hooks. Generalissimo rounded out the exposition with a half hour of radical statist anthems, sending the resolute audience home in productive inspiration for the work week at the eminently reasonable hour of 11:30, post meridiem. Photographic documentation has been posted online courtesy of Ovipositor's Colin Frangos.

The next and only Summer 2009 Generalissimo performance in San Francisco is scheduled for June 24 at Annie's Social Club. Generalissimo will be joined by Salt Lake City's precision post-hardcore act, Loom, and another, as yet unannounced act. Check back soon for additional details.

Karl Rove: Courage and Consequence
Western Medicine
Western Medicine

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