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Clint Crisher

The Hot Boys World Volume 4 (WORLDWIDE Release September 15, 2009)


The Hot Boys World Volume 4 (WORLDWIDE RELEASE SEPTEMBER 15, 2009)

The Hot Boys World Volume 4 (WORLDWIDE Release September 15, 2009)

Clint Crisher returns to The Hot Boys World Volume 4 with some hot remixes from Dj Peter Tanico and reunites with Hot2Go from The Hot Boys World Volume 2. Hot2Go are Lee Lee Ingram and Brendan Watterson. Hot2Go is one of the hottest current Australian tickets out there, and for good reason. Their thorough understanding of dance rhythms, polished arrangements, and entendre-laced lyrics makes them instantly more visible in the mass of faceless club and inspirational trance anthems that crowd the floor. They also have a knack for releasing unashamedly gay-oriented music with class and verve. Here's to hoping America gets over its closet problems soon and just enjoys the music! Hot2Go have two tracks on The Hot Boys World Volume 2 CD released on Crisher Entertainment shared with 10 tracks by Clint Crisher. Australian Kiss (Extended Version) and Backseat (Dirty Beats Mix) This video includes Kiss which by many gets the higher nod for its prime bump'n'grind mix, great slide blues loop, and terminally oversexed lyrics. With its breathy falsetto/orgasmic tenor vocals and brilliant because you kiss down under double-entendre, file this song under next generation Prince in the folder marked Great Songs About/For Fucking. Australian Kiss (Extended Version) is a potential 1. Watch this video that includes a Hot2Go live show on June 14 2008. They like to make sweet sweet music, but LOVE making filthy dirty beats!!


Darrell Russ

The third and final artist on volume 4 is Darrell Russ who is a passionate, soulful male singer and songwriter based in the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Versatile in styles ranging from Disco and Soul to Country and R&B, Darrell captivates audiences with his high-energy stage performance and deep, soulful singing that connects with the crowd. After years of honing his craft in clubs and talent showcases, Darrell is close to completing a full album to be released in January 2010 and has three tracks on Volume 4. His most anticipated full length album will feature some of his finest recordings produced by some of today's best producers and has already been supported by a number of performances, press releases and radio appearances. He is currently in the studio recording his final tracks for the full-length album that will feature all new material. Upon release in the Winter of 2010, the new album will be accompanied by a promotional campaign that includes performances at parties, clubs and festivals as well as radio stations. Darrell was the featured soloist performer for the regional smash hit television show Curtain Call,' which is broadcast in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia.
Music Is The Reason,

Crisher Entertainment

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