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The Fleas

The Fleas have given the BBC an itch

Well it was a bit of a track to get to the BBC and its been a few years since I was last in a BBC radio studio, I was expecting it to be more HI TECK but in fact it was a lot more low teck, mind you I was a pirate DJ in Manchester for 4 years but that something you dont tell the estabishment as they tend to get upset.
The Fleas where allready sound checking when I finally showed up with the bands T Shirts and coffee mugs for the shows presenter, The band struck off with a new unheard song and a oldie but goldie, the interview went well and if you want to win a special Fleas BBC radio event mug a real one off production just listen to the show and tell me what Piers wife is upto in the next month or two. The show is on sunday night so its a not to be missed show and can be heard on Linda Serck's Sunday night show BBC RADIO BARKSHIRE and again on BBC IPLAYER for 7days after the event.

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