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Dave Magario

The EP / The latest...

The new EP is here! Yeah, I know, I didn't tell anyone it was coming. It came together really quickly, so quick in fact, that I didn't really have any spare time to hype it. But that's ok! I've got the rest of the year to talk about this, and several other records that I have planned. Lots of ideas have been bouncing around the last couple weeks. But I digest...Back to the news.

The 'demo for the solo listener' EP was officially unofficially released Jan 16th. The track listing can be found over in the For Sale section. 6 new songs. The story behind it more emotion and images than any story I can tell you 'round a campfire. There is a sadness and a longing, but resolution and forgiveness as well. It is a window into the writing I've been exploring, hinting at a broader spectrum of ideas and possibilities. What I do next is completely unknown, but when I get there, I'll know what I have to do and how I want to lay it out for your ears.

Copies of this demo will be limited for now as I am labeling and burning the discs myself with my amazing HP Media Center. (plug plug plug) In the future, I am hoping to find a better means of self-production of the cds but for now, though time consuming, this works beautifully...and cheaply.

Thank you for the HUGE turn out at The Q. I estimate that there were about 100 people that came and went through out the entire night that listened for at least 20 minutes. 10 people in that space can feel like a crowd and there were probably 40 at any given time! You guys are awesome! Thank you for the hush, and the attention, and the applause.

TONIGHT you will be able to catch me again. I am still playing though the snow has been falling all day. 7PM to 10PM! Bring your mittens and your scarves and big snow shoes and lets get into The Q again for some cocoa and music. See you all soon.

Happy Sunday,

Live at The Q
demo for the solo listener
Snake Oil EP

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