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Mark Mathews

The circus or 50 Shades of Grey?

Hello all!

This sunshine malarky is lovely isn't it?! I'm obviously talking to you folk here in the UK, but I also hope that everyone else who is reading this is also enjoying delicious sunny weather too! "Glorious", I think might be the appropriate choice of word!

I did a lovely little gig last night in Trapeze bar, in Old Street, which is an interesting place - A bar modelled on the circus, but I couldn't help thinking that all the circus paraphernalia was reminiscent of some S&M dungeon, although it could just be I have a filthy mind.

Ho Hum.

Anyway, it was fun, not least of all because before I went on stage there was a bit of a competition to get on the "X-Factor". It was interesting to see all these different singers and acts try to get 'their shot' and although the show is not really my cup-of-cha, I really hope that someone that I saw does well out of it. 

I tried out some new material as well, which is always good to do, and this little track "Dying to stay alive" from 'The Couch Sessions' was one of them:

Have yourselves a wonderful day and I hope to see you sometime soon!

Big Love

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