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Mark Mathews

The Chief is right!

If you ever read NME, you've probably read a Noel Gallagher interview once or twice, considering they put him in their 3 times a week...even though NME only comes out once a week.

They proper love him. As do I, to be fair. 

Anyway, you'll be familiar with the Chiefs noises about how rock n roll is dead, how there is no great music anymore and nothing really challenging the status quo.

Now, Mr G is generally speaking about guitar based music, but as I sat upon the DLR (at the front so I could pretend to be the driver, obviously) I was listening to the first 2 albums by Eminem and I realised Gallaghers statements kind of do run true across the music industry. I mean, let's go back a little bit.

You had Oasis: Lairy, in your face, working class brothers carving their own destiny out. You had Eminem, saying things that were so outrageous and out there it was probably the most shocking thing since Elvis waggled his hips or Johnny Rotten sneared down the barrell of the camera. You had The Prodigy and Aphex twin, making music videos that scared the be-jesus out of Mums up and down the country. 

And now what do we have? Ed Sheeren on guitar, Pit Bull spitting 'lyrics' and Calvin Harris. Now let me just say, none of this music (with the huge, gaping exception of Pit Bull) is bad, offensive or something I hate. In fact I quite like it. But it is safe, right? It doesn't stir a huge amount. It feels like Harris is in it for the career, unlike Liam Howlett and co who gave the air of "Well what else the fuck am I going to do?". 

In thinking this, I also lump my music in there to a certain degree. Yeah! Luckily for me however I was brought up on a diet of John Lennon and where my music can be soft on the ears, the lyrics are often a little bit darker and angry. But it is fair to say that I am not challenging the establishment, I am not spitting at my audience and I don't think I come across as someone who is as likely to kick you as to kiss you.

Maybe I am?

My point is that listening to those Eminem albums I really notice the lacking in the music world. We have Kanye West being a complete twat, sure, but it's not enough. It's all sanitised. It's all safe. It's all about career. When is the next wave coming, becasue as N.Gallagher says,it's been a long fooking time coming!!!

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