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Mark Mathews

The Chief

Brothers and Sisters,

Welcome to the weekend!

I found this great little interview with the Chief himself, Mr Noel Gallagher and once again he is being his irreverent, funny self. Even if you dislike his music (though I bet there is at least one tune you like of his!) you cannot deny this mans personality.

His point about buying music instead of expensive coffees is a really important one. Music has become so throw away that people now consider it worthless. With the advent of downloads and a product that cannot be sold on, like records or CD's could, there is now a real sense of entitlement and a "Why should I have to pay for music?"

Well, here's a few reasons why I think it is important to pay for music:

  • It took a lot of time and effort to learn the skills in order to write a song. If you study to become a mechanic you are rewarded with payment for your services when they are used. The same should be said for muscians and song writers.
  • Equipment does not come free - Guitars, pianos, decks, computer programmes, strings, plectrums. Everything has to be bought.
  • Rehearsal space costs money
  • Time in the studio to record the product costs a hell of a lot of money
  • Artwork, music videos, promotion etc costs a lot of money
All of the above are reasons alone to decide to buy music and support artsits. It has become all too popular to get free music, no one wants to buy it anymore but if you consider the above then maybe you can see why it is worth it.
However, the most important reason to be buying music is to support the band/act/artist, that you love dearly. The one that speaks to you, that makes you feel good about yourself, answers questions makes you feel less alone in the world. By buying their music they can continue to do just that - Write music that means something.
I don't think any musician is under the illusion that they will become millionaires anymore. It's not the 70's or 90's, where the fur coats, cocaine addiction and Rolls Royces ran free. But what we do try to do is carve a career for ourselves so as we can carry on making music that we believe to be good and rightous and hopefully others do too.
So, if this has stirred you up below is a link where you can buy my back catalogue (!), believe!

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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
Misspent Future
The Raging Sea

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