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Mark Mathews

That's a Wrap

Brothers and Sisters!!!

Well, we have wrapped on the first single "London Lives". It was three days and nights of carnage and fun and it looks AMAZING!!

Huge thanks to all those that came out and got involved. I have to say the intitial idea of it all being filmed in one night was far too ambitious, not least of all because allowing alcohol on set for the extras did prove to mean it was harder to control you all! Ha! But that is what made it all the more fun and the jumping on London transport and sneaking shots here and there made this challenge so enjoyable!

In actual fact all you London Transport peeps deserve a round of applause as well! You were so accomodating and kind to our huge gang of cast and crew that it made our lives so much easier. Big Love.

The final scene was in the pub (of course) and the wrap party was a very boozy affair for those that did stay around...

So, now it is in the edit and things will progress on that as I go straight ionto pre-production for the second details just yet about that though!

Obviously, with all that has been going on gigs have been slim on the ground with one here and there. But they are starting to be booked in again and I will keep you in the loop about anything else, beleive!!





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