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Mark Mathews


Brothers and Sisters!

How are we all?! I hope you're rested and happy...I've been kept up all night by annoying new neighbours. Sigh. Still, at least every day that passes we are all slowly dying so every cloud, huh?!

Sorry, that was a bit morbid. I'm tired. Very, very tired!

Anyway, just a little catch up really. It's been quite a few weeks, what with headlining The Barfly, (including stage invasions and semi nakedness!), releasing The Girl and playing a host of other gigs that have gone past in a blur of sing-alongs, dance-alongs and quantities of Guinness that the Dublin breweries would be in awe of.

So, just a few thank yous:

To those of you that have come out and partied and supported the live gigs - It is massively appreciated and the way in which you guys are reacting to the live shows is payment alone for what I am trying to do.

To those that have bought the single - Thank you for the comments and love you have shown for this song. And if you illegally downloaded it, fuck it, enjoy it! 

I did some wonderful gigs with promoters that really care and people in this industry who are not just self serving, thieves are rare and deserve props - The Wallington Arms, Barfly and The Worlds End were amazing! Thank you.

All a bit sappy, I understand, but my weeks speed by in a flurry of busking, gigging, promoting and striving to acheive and it can sometimes be a thankless task so if I get the opportunity to thank people, I do.

Normal service will resume on Sunday and these posts will be a lot more butch, believe!!


Join me on Snapchat, Frankly.Me: @markmathewssong

Join me on Instagram: @markmathewsmusic

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Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
Misspent Future
The Raging Sea

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