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Clint Crisher

Talking about TraXXX 123 RemiXed



TraXXX 123 RemiXed

Crisher Entertainment proudly presents TraXXX 123 RemiXed!  This rousing compilation of Clint Crisher favorites is a perfect mood maker.  At an after-hours club or your bedroom, it's sure to heat up the dance!  Meet the masters behind these sexy beats!





PETER TANICO came to Crisher Entertainment as a contestant in my Foreplay Remix contest. After winning the contest hands-down, Peter went on a remixing frenzy making him this album's featured superstar with FIVE (5) sensational mixes!  Peter Tanico founded Exit 39 Productions in '98 and became an independent record label in 2009.  After years in management and promotion, his connections throughout the US and select International VIP's make him an expert when it comes to knowing what it takes to get music played on the radio and promoted through clubs.  The list of accolades goes on and on, but as a veteran NY DJ for over 20 years, Peter's true passion is mixing cutting edge dance music into extended club performances and packing dance floors!  So' it is with great excitement, I announce the release of Peter Tanico's debut remix album through Crisher Entertainment due late 2009.  Featuring Peter's favorites that span over decades, GETTING TO KNOW TANICO launches the beginning of a new phase in Peter Tanico's music career and the first of many in his series of remix albums.  For now, enjoy Peter's presence on this album at #1 Let Me Watch ' Peter T.ech Mix, #3 Foreplay ' Peter Tanico Remix, #7 Foreplay ' Peter Tanico Extended Club Mix, #11 Stroke It ' PT's Wet Dream Club Mix and #12 The Hot Boys World ' Peter T After Hours Dub.  Stay tuned as there is much more to come from this master mixer!


DJ REED MCGOWAN out of NY is a well-respected veteran in the music industry.  Beginning his career in 1986, Reed McGowan's talents include award-winning DJ/VJ, Producer, Remixer, Writer, Songwriter, Performer, Artist, Video/Filmmaker, Actor, Activist, Provocateur and honorable Billboard Reporter.  Reed's mastery of music and creative hunger find him standing out from the rest.  The self-proclaimed 'Maverick' does it again with his brilliant swirl of THREE Clint Crisher favorites (Sum of Me, Take it Boy and Let Me Watch.)  Reed produced two seductive versions of The Naked Medley, 'McGowan's Emplulsive Crosspromo' and 'McGowan's Empulsive Mixshow Edit.'  The Maverick has spoken!   


JJ ARROYO (JJ 55) based in New York is a premier House DJ, Producer and Remixer.  He's worked with mainstream and underground alike including Justin Timberlake, Gwen Stefani, Stevie B., Clint Crisher, Arianna Nicole (#3 on Billboard's Club Chart), Sentinela, and Pepper MaShay. JJ Arroyo also has original releases on Knob Records.  With the support of renowned promoter Harry Towers and Masspool DJ Association, JJ Arroyo is expanding his talent and defining his sound as he works on his debut album with Crisher Entertainment.  For now, his hypnotic grinds take you to a favorite on the album, In and Out Motel, JJ's No Vacancy Mix.


PETER BULL ENGER (CHESTNUT) of Norway is known as the King of Mashups!  Peter's cutting edge technique and masterful selection and sequencing of well-known tunes is evidenced by his growing collection shared on YouTube.  Working under multiple identities such as Norwegian Recycling, Peter made his mark as 'Chestnut' on this album with his amazing twist on one my favorite tracks, Give it Up!     


DJ GABY BOLIVIA (MOOG LE) from France is on the Indie Label DGA-FAÜ Records and his influences are groups like Boards of Canada, Ellen Alien, Venetian Snares, Squarepusher, George Clinton, Luke Vibert, Marvin Gaye, DJ Premier, Jeff Mills, Dr Dre, and Plastikman. Moog Le was a featured artist on my Run Baby Run 'The Remixes' album and is the master mixer behind Dr. Grip on this album.  His unique talent is always a treat!  Enjoy!


HERSH is one of the most solid and talented producers working today. He has recorded with some of the best in the industry. After his split from the U.S. Marines in 1995 he began his music career, producing and releasing music with "Streetlight Productions" studying under famed west-coast hip hop producer, 'Fingazz'.   Hersh worked closely with me to produce many of the original The Hot Boys World Volume tracks and contributed to Run Baby Run 'The Remixes.'   Hersh delivers the driving beat of the track titled Get Nasty, the trademark opening of my Get Nasty show!


DJ MIKE STRIP an LA native is a mover and shaker in the industry. Attuned to the dynamic music scene, Mike delivers fresh perspective and fearless expression as one of So Cal's hottest DJ's.  When he's not captivating a live audience, Mike is writing songs, rubbing elbows with TV execs and honing his remixing skills.  Strip's tracks have aired on shows including 'Spring Break Shark Attack' (ABC), 'Canal Street Brothel' (CBS), 'For One Night' (Lifetime) and 'The Starter Wife' (USA.)   He contributed to Run Baby Run 'The Remixes' and remixed Foreplay for me on this album.


Music is the Reason,

Clint Crisher


Crisher Entertainment 





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