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The Wounded Lovers


We are chuffed to anounce the release of the new Wounded Lovers tune "Stolen Car", and we feel confident that all Wounded Lovers thrill seekers will love it! It's a cracking Fenwick song, featuring an astonishing lead guitar contribution from T-Bone. 

As recently reported, there will be four new releases this side of Christmas, to make up for the barren summer where Fenwick and T-Bone went there seperate ways.


There has been a number of rumours regarding the absence of fresh Wounded Lovers material over the summer period, and now feels like the correct time to officially respond to them.  Here at Casa Mojo HQ, we were particularly irritated by stories curculating that once again the demon booze, or dreaded drugs had  somehow had an adverse impact on creativity.  Even worse was the rumour that Fenwick and T-Bone had fallen out with each other in sober surroundings! Nothing can be further from the truth! The boys just had a well deserved break, and are now chomping at the bit to write, record and release new Wounded Lovers material!

So there you have it..... 

Look out for the next release "Smoke and Mirrors"...



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