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Spain's Josh Haden Quoted In New Book About The Jabberjaw

Spain's founder Josh Haden was quoted in "It All Dies Anyway: L.A., Jabberjaw, And The End Of An Era", the new book from Rizolli which documents the legendary L.A. venue Jabberjaw. Spain played there in the mid-1990s, along with Josh's sisters' band That Dog., and Josh's high school mates' band Jawbreaker, both of which have multi-page spreads in the book. Nirvana, Hole, The Jesus Lizard, Chumbawamba, Spacemen 3, Unsane, are just a few of the hundreds of bands that played there over almost 10 years. It is a beautiful, deluxe book and lovers of music and L.A. music history will love it.


From the publisher's website: "The untold history of the seminal cultural venue Jabberjaw—the underground star of Los Angeles’s historic indie scene of the 1990s. Billing itself as a "coffeehouse art gallery" when it opened in 1989, Jabberjaw quickly became not only the cornerstone of the Los Angeles post-punk scene but also a hub of the underground music scene nationwide. Bridging the gap between punk and indie, Jabberjaw was a bastion of counterculture that hosted shows for bands from the obscure (Hole, Unsane) to the legendary (Nirvana, Pearl Jam) in an environment that reflected a generation. In collaboration with the owners of the club, and with contributions from many of the musicians and artists who played and spent time there, It All Dies Anyway is a record of the venue’s brief but influential existence. Designed and compiled by Bryan Ray Turcotte, the book is a visual feast, layering flyers and posters onto photographs, handmade record covers, and Polaroids of the gallery to paint an engrossing portrait not only of a venue but also of a forgotten time and place in music history."

I'm Still Free
Blue Moods Of Spain
She Haunts My Dreams
I Believe
Spirituals: The Best of Spain
Every Time I Try
Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 1
Blue Moods Of Spain: A History, Pt. 2
The Soul Of Spain
The Morning Becomes Eclectic Session
Sargent Place
Live From High Fidelity: The Best Of The Podcast Performances
Sargent Place
I Do

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