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Mark Mathews

(Massively Belated) Happy New Year!!

Brothers and Sisters!!

Ok, sorry for my tardy communication since the turn of the new year.

A VERY belated "Happy New Year" to you all!

I am genuinely sorry!

Things are beyond hectic right now. The contract for the Animal Farm deal is with Lawyers, sorting out the finer be honest it is all as boring as it sounds, but necessary one guesses. Very keen to put this to bed so the music can be put out there, though!

On top of that I am madly sorting out the first video. It's going to be an amazing shoot and an even better video. If you want to get involved I am sure we can accomodate, but ping me a message for details. It'll be a fun shoot!

So pumped up for the first release! Can. Not Wait! 

Details of the release date will soon be soon to come, so watch this space, innit?!!!!

New photo shoot is going ahead and I am going to re-start on the doco! I say re-start becasue after months of getting footage and interviews etc, all of this was "lost"! The less said about it the better as I was not a happy boy about this...Alas, we begin a fresh with a new angle a new D.O.P and a new start.

Art work is being worked on too, with some very cool ideas being floated around

LIke I say, I am pumped for this release!!

The gigs kicked off in eanrest at the start of the month and I ahve seen some fo your little faces at a few. Been some good'uns although no absolute belters as of yet. January is normally a quiet month so I am looking forward to some carnage and crazy nights!

I've been in discussions with some promoters in China and Dublin about doing some gigs so hopefully that'll pay off at some stage...get "Big in China" and all that! 

I think that about sums up where I am. I hope the year thus far has been splendid for you all and as always, keep liking, sharing, spreading the love and I hope to see you soon, beleive!



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