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Grand Rapids


When I decided to use this song on my album I really wanted to keep the keyboard part.    This was easy so I took in just that part and we (engineer SImon Gooding and I) worked up the track around that.  This song was completed in a day, apart from some embalishments in the instrumental section.  Like a lot of my writing, this is a very short song, just over two minutes, and I'm confident I managed to squeeze a decent dynamic range in there despite that.

I played the drums on this one.  I'm not a drummer, as such.  But I knew what I needed and I'm good at playing steadily if the part is right for me.    For this track Simon set up the drums in the big room at the studio and close-microphoned them.   Plenty of that room got in the mix though.   Over that I put down some guitar, using a Gretsch of some sort and an old Gibson amp with spring reverb, and a track of synth (a 90s 'wavstation').    It was only the night before the mix that I added in a messed up clap-like sound, crash cymbal and distorted organ bass.    This is one of my favortie mixes ont the record.  I just love how quickly it caome together once we got started.


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