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solKlectic shows all Standing Room Only

Amazing crowds have come to see solKlectic perform live.  This is unique for a new band performing all original songs.  Usually bands work their way into the band scene by singing cover songs and mixing in a few originals, but solKlectic has taken the risk to make their way onto the scene differently. They use music that speaks truth through profound messages, and has a different sound creating a brand new style in  music.

The Band is focused on the "experience" that they create with their audience, and their mission is not only to sing and perform their music, but to make an impact on the audience in a long lasting way.  solKlectic has a vision of creating a movement through positive music.  Building community, connecting people, and making an impact on the minds of their audience is their goal when they put on thier performance.

This mission is the reason that audiences have begun spreading the word about solKlectic, and this is why their shows are packed, and word is spreading about this band creating Eclectic Soul for the world.

--Daily Blog

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