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hey guys just to let you know we had our second social on sunday and it went down pretty well.even though we had a small turnout we had a blast.we wnet to fab cafe and took part in the quiz .LMRS team and LMRS team b are now both in a tie 1-1 however do have an advantage as they one second prize of four pints!after fab we finished up in yates and had a few there before we called it a night


If you have noticed the first batch of posters and flyers are being made and you will see new ones pop up on here over the nxt few around uni so look out for them!!!

Please guys come to our sunday social everyweek at 7pm.we meet outside the leeds met student bar in civic quater and we wait there till 7.30 for late comers!!!!

plus if you havent yet add us on facebook for constant updates and events!!! cheers guys

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