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Seattle Band Romance Climbs To Number One In KEXP's Northwest Music Charts

March 26, 2009 -- Since their late 2008 album release, Romance has stayed in the top ten of KEXP's top Northwest album charts. It is no coincidence that their subject matter has become increasingly relevant to music fans. Delving into the troubled state of the world, the economy and even the human condition, Romance is only one of many. Darker bands are rising in the wake of society's increasing need to have a voice, a perspective and a connection with others during these hard times. Listen to their album here: (


Recently returned from a showcase in Austin during the SXSW music festival which featured many bands with similar music themes, Lead singer/guitarist Drew Jackson commented, "Our appeal seems to be spreading to a different group of listeners now, outside of just our typical fan. There have been so many more questions concerning the content of our songs rather than just the style and influences of our music. Listeners right now seem just as turned on by connecting to the message as they are with the mood and sound of our album."


This trend towards music with strong roots in the post-punk era is gaining a lot of ground in the Northwest as many of the other KEXP local chart toppers share similar influences. Romance will be playing a local showcase March 25th at the recently re-opened ( with Seattle-local bands Hotels, New Faces and The Globes. Romance plans on going back into the studio early fall 2009 to begin recording their second full-length album which will feature songs guided by the same themes as "The Divide." Recently they have also been featured as KEXP's Song of the Day for their single "Face on the Sun."


Formed in late 2005, Romance has been making waves in the underground post-punk music scene since their debut EP, When Things Are Better. They were named one of the top up and coming bands of 2006 by The Stranger and received generous airplay by DJs at KEXP and beyond. Following the success of their debut, the band took two years off before releasing their first full-length, 2008's The Divide, which features mostly new material. In addition to their new album, Romance also lent a track to's Notes from the Underground Vol. 3 along with other such modern post-punk luminaries as The Editors, The Futureheads, and VHS or Beta among others.

The Divide
When Things Are Better

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