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Run Baby Run ' Penny and Ashtray Japan Mix NEWS


Run Baby Run The Remixes was released worldwide on June 17, 2008.

Penny and Ashtray

Label: saasfee
Genre: Electronic

altPenny and Ashtray hail from Osaka, Japan (their real names are Momoyo Kubo and Tamotsu Ide). I could call their music a cross between minimalist techno and chip music&but I'd be more direct to say it's straight hyp-mo-tiz-ing. Their debut album, The Secrets of Galaxy Z, spans the gamut from floor-bangers to thoughtful instrumentals'which makes the repetitive nature of their style far more durable. In addition to recording 47 minutes of original material this past year, they found time to participate in Flunk's remix competition. May they never run out of batteries&

from The Secrets of Galaxy Z (2008):
Bent [MP3, 6.8MB, 192kbps]

from Flunk's Democracy (2007):
Personal Stereo (Penny and Ashtray Remix)  [MP3, 6.4MB, 192kbps]

from Bonus Stage 7-inch (2006):
Python  [MP3, 4.2MB, 192kbps]
Chipmunk [MP3, 3.9MB, 192kbps]

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