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ROMANCE releases their debut full length album “The Divide”

Seattle post-punk band Romance release full length follow up to their 2006 EP "When Things Are Better". Will open for The Sisters Of Mercy.
Romance debut album The Divide

Romance debut album The Divide

Nov 03, 2008 – Romance, voted one of the top four up-and-coming bands in Seattle for 2006, releases their debut full length CD “The Divide”. This is the follow-up to their well received 2006
EP “When Things Are Better” ; in rotation on many independent radio stations. The album
drops on November 14th 2008 with a CD release show held that night at King Cobra
in Seattle. The strength of the album has already earned them the opening slot with
The Sisters Of Mercy on November 23rd.

Following a two-year break from the recording studio, the addition of a new drummer
(Joshua Fant ex-Post Stardom Depression), and playing countless shows, Romance
has returned stronger than ever with “The Divide”. Comprised of 11 original tracks (9
new songs and 2 re-recorded from their 2006 EP) this album continues their dark,
catchy, post-punk sound. It’s filled with relevant lyrics about world turmoil and an urgent
and dangerous sound.

Romance has recently returned from a West Coast tour to start some early promotion
for the album. Touring with similar dark bands (Veil Veil Vanish, Repeater, and Sleepmask)
they played to large enthusiastic crowds and foresee the emergence of a darker
post-punk scene on the west coast. Romance will soon be sending out their CD to radio
stations such as KEXP which had them in regular rotation. Romance also has a N.W.
tour scheduled for November with the band Repeater.

The Divide
When Things Are Better

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