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Mark Mathews

Rock N Roll? Nah, I'm too ill.

Brothers and Sisters, wad up?!

I hope you have been healthy and well this past week. I for one have not, sob sob!

Yes the hectic life style I lead, coupled with the crutches of too much caffeine, sugar and alcohol caused me to crash and burn in a big way! Gone were the lists of 50 things to do each day, getting up at 8 and bedding down into the early hours of the next morn! No, I was tucvking myself into bed at 8pm...yes you read that correctly...8 friggin pm!!!

Rock N Roll I was not.

Still, I managed to squeeze in some rehearsals with the band, I wrote another song and did some more publicity stuff, so it's not all bad.

Incidentally, one for the diary: London Live, the TV channel, has the exclusive on the singles video release. So, I will be on these shows on these dates:

Friday May 23rd, 7pm: Not the One Show

Monday May 26th, 7am-9am: Wake Up London

Do check 'em out!

Also, those who do not follow me on twitter (@markmathewssong) or facebook ( would not have seen the artwork for the go add me and check it out!!

Anyway, due to the above sickness I have been eating well, drinking lots of non alcholic fluids and resting up. I avoided alcohol all weekend and I am feeling SO good and healthy...problem is...I am off to play a gig today at Proud Galleries again. I think all my work will be undone pretty sharpish! That's the problem with this city and the thing I do as a "job"'s surrounded with temptaion and fun. 

Still, who am I to complain? London Lives, believe!!


London Lives is released worldwide on May 26th 2014

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