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Echoes de Luxe

Recording Update

As of today all keyboard parts have been laid down.  It's now up to Richard to track vocals for the remaining songs and finish his last-minute guitar overdubs, then it's on to mixing.  It seems the band has been able to stick to the schedule they laid out in December, which means everything should be mixed, mastered, and ready for download by the end of January.  We're looking into easy ways of downloading all 8 songs at once to save time.  Barring that they will still be available the same way "Astronaut" is here.  Just click the mp3 icon next to the song in the player and the download should start automatically.  (Help yourself if you haven't already...)

Everyone is thrilled with how these songs have come together in the studio, and we all can't wait to share them with the world.  What better way to start 2010 than by giving away a free record???

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