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Mark Mathews

Recording Diary #1

Brothers and Sisters,

Hey ho!

Well, fresh from coming FIRST in the Indie International Songwriting competition (yeah, didn't you know?! Read about it HERE) I have been back in the studio recording my 5th EP and I am one happy boy! It's so good being back in the studio getting these tracks down, that I've had planned for quite some time now. It's early doors so far, but I dare say it looks set to be one of, if not THE, best work I've done.

Humble, I know!

Using my best Jedi Mind tricks to control the desk with my mind

But seriously, it's all going SO well!

We've been working on a couple of tracks, one of which recent gig attendees would have heard, "Bye Bye, Me" and an instumental named "Breakfast at the Molaca". There's been a lot of experiementation and I've happily watched as my tracks have developed and blossomed

As a single man these are my babies!

 I eat a lot of carrots so I can play in the dark

I'll be recording throughout May and June inbetween my gig schedule (new gigs just added!) and so the release will be around Autumn this year! So watch this space for more updates!

With regards to gigs, there has been a change in venue for me at the Camden Rocks Festival. I will be playing at Fifty Five Bar at 3:30pm! Come on down!

Have yourselves a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend! It's going to be mega, beleive!


Join me on Snapchat: @markmathewssong

Join me on Instagram: @markmathewsmusic

Buy Tracks here: 


Buy The Ticket, Take The Ride
A Flash In The Pan
Moments and Movements
Misspent Future
The Raging Sea

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