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Mark Mathews

Recording and Celebrations

Hello all!

It's been a solid few weeks of recording (and a bit of re-recording to be honest) for the latest album and we are really getting there. In a sudden decision, to which I am prone, I decided to remove all the drum parts we had done and re-do them! 

Time consuming but I think it is worth it. I mean, we want to get it right...right?!

As well as that, I've put more guitars on, a guest viocalist has added some vocals and there's even a trumpet in there! Busy days!

It's been a week of celebrations for the mighty giants that have inspired me. We first had the 20 year anniversary of 'What's the Story (Morning Glory)" by Oasis. I still recal when it was released and hearing the tune 'Champagne Supernova' for the first time. I was so struck by how immediate it was and I was convinced that the best form of communicating ideas and feeligns was through music. Amazing times.

And today (Friday 09th october), it would have been John Lennon's 75th Birthday! John was the key person who influenced my love of music and my passion for sognwriting. He is someone I always go back to and will forever be a barometre to which I put my musical output against. So, although I am an Athesist, I'll still rasie a glass and wish John a happy birthday, because I'm a crazy son of a gun like that! 

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