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Matty Woods

Ras Gong Guerrilla Radio

Matty is currently developing an online radio program devoted to reggae music.

The idea sprung forth a few weeks back after chatting with his greengrocer and upon being quizzed about reggae music found that the wells of information surrounding the subject were very deep. Ultimately an avenue for the sharing of that knowledge within a musical format and creative expression needed to be established.

Henceforth Ras Gong Guerrilla Radio.

Ras Gong Guerrilla Radio will be launched on 28 February 2010. It will be available from the website under construction and through links at Matty's web pages. It will be a 1hr - 1hr 45min program consisting of a highly entertaining look at reggae, a great selector playlist, all for download and streaming. It will be featuring special guests and unique intimate performances.

Stay tuned for more!

The Ras Gong Guerrilla EP

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