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Oxjam 2014 Update

Anteloup have had their timeslot of 8.50pm confirmed for this year's Oxjam Beeston Takeover.

This is the first time the band have been involved with Oxjam, and they are really excited about it, as frontman Luis Ogando explains:

"We've been together some years now, but missed last year's Oxjam due to me being in Spain at the time. To get such a good slot this year is nothing short of fantastic. The whole band are really fired up about it and we really want to go and play our hearts out."

"Oxjam is an ideal event for new, original bands, because it is all about the music - whatever the style or genre - people want to listen to live music and enjoy themselves. And that's what we're aiming for - a great night of music and the chance to show our wares."

"We've been really quiet over the last 6 months or so, going back over our material, re-writing parts, adding parts, dropping songs, adding new songs... It's been a real busy time, but we've got a great set that we're really proud of now, so I hope people like it."

"The 'genre-span' is quite wide too, with bouncy pop-like songs (one with a nice reggae bounce), to jumpy punk-like songs, to head-nodding, toe-tapping songs, to different rock approaches. We're sure there'll be a song for everyone in the set."

So, to catch Anteloup's inaugral Oxjam gig, head along to The Star Inn in Beeston for 8.50pm on Saturday 18th October. 

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