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Brothers and Sisters!

How do? To all my London brethren, did any of you go to The Libertines reformation gig in Hyde Park last night? 

It was top wasn't it?! Even though I have stopped drinking (I'll talk about that some other time), I managed to completely do my knee in from all the jumping around I did. Literally, the end of the night was spent with my leg elevated with a pack of frozen peas on my knee!

Rock n Roll!

Still, what a night and I did manage to write a new song whislt my leg was in agony. Lyrically, it felt like a bit of a release from all the Charlatans and thieves I am dealing with currently...

...again, something for another time!...but even if I never use it, it was good to write!

Anyway, what I will talk about is this new (for me) online dating stuff going on. I returned from a worldwide trip a little over a year ago now. I was out of the UK for around 4 years and when I left, online dating was something of a taboo. No one was on it, or if they were, they kept it a well hidden secret. 

Fast forward 4 years and I return and EVERYONE is on some kind of dating website. It still seems slightly odd for me personally to be on one (I in no way judge anyone however, I do kind of understand it, especially in cities like London) and so I steered clear of the 'Plenty of Fishes' and 'Ok Cupids'.

However, one that was recommended and I was curious about was 'Tinder'. So, I went on it and checked it out, for research purposes of course (!), and you know what? It's been fun! 

But there is this new one called, 'Happn' where people you pass on the street are connected with you. I downloaded it before going to Hyde Park to see how many people are on it...

Turns out there are a lot of people on it!

But what's weird is it pin points where you crossed paths, how many times you passed them and all the other creepy stuff your Iphone tends to do these days! It's proper weird.

However, I am kind of fascinated by these things and who goes on them. It's on the one hand very convenient and on the other, crazy weird! We're almost cutting out the spontenaity and excitement of love and finding a relationship...aren't we?...or is that just me that thinks that? It's hard to tell!

My next single, The Girl, (released on 25th August) is about a relationship, all be it a doomed relationship and I wonder how different that song would be, written in context of the current trend of virtual dating. I guess there would be talk of splitting up via text and not swiping to the right etc.


Still, if you cross my path, give us a like, eh?!

Loads of gigs booked in, so if you want to have a good time and meet people in the flesh and maybe find a new boyfirend/girlfriend, then this could be the palce to come to, beleive!


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