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On Pulsipher

Hey guys, this is Doc, here's an update that will make certain things about Team Nakrikal's famous Pulsipher project clear.

Fun fact: While Pulsipher seems to be an actual surname, the band was named after a Star Wars character. It looked to us like a portmanteau of pulse and cipher.

1. Membership

Pulsipher is a band and its members are referred to as "Stateslavers". The thing is we do not disclose the number of members or their identities, so the "Band Members" sections should remain empty.

2. Stateslaver Zero

Pulsipher disbanded in January 2013, however, Stateslaver Zero released some music as Pulsipher as he composed the sequel to "Maritropa" and released an EP in March 2013.

The nickname obviously stems from the term by which Pulsipher's members refer to themselves (plus it's a nod to a great game titled Slave Zero). However, S-Zero was never a band member, as the band disbanded two months prior and "Maritropa II" was a post-humous release authorized by Team Nakrikal.

As for an AKA... S-Zero released his alternate theme for Cyberpunk 2077's cinematic trailer as "Stateslaver Zero/Pulsipher" and it all stems from here. Stateslaver Zero figured as an alternate name for Pulsipher for some time, but that was more of an attempt to make a connection between S-Zero's theme and it being a "trailer of the things to come", that is the EP. Basically, it's invalid and we fixed it already.

3. Doc Demagol in the project?

Nope, Doc Demagol is more of a persona (also known as Mr. Demagolka and Doctor Collargol) related to Demagolka as the band founder and its original member. 

I also moved on to The Sap Drains (a new record is on its way!) as a full-fledged member of that band and contributed to the perfect failure (?) - still do, actually.

As a side note:

Doc Demagol is also a solo musician. Projects like Salt the Carthage (?), Luftpirat, etc. are all solo records, actually. We are planning to bring all those releases together on RateYourMusic under "Doc Demagol". 

What about Crumbling Flesh Industries? Is it an EP? Is it an album? Doesn't really matter, the thing is that this is actually Doc Demagol and some of the releases were just mistagged and mislabelled, a shame, really. There was one silly song, a parody of Incy Wincy Spider attributed to Pulsipher, for example, but it's all Doc.

Anyway, Pulsipher's gone and we have no plans to reform that project in the future. Right now we have Hypnotic Implant and we are focusing on Shock Ti & The Beach Troopers and MicroSol.

- Doc Demagol

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