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Dave Magario

NYC - Part 2

The first blog was focusing on just Thursday. Here's highlights of the rest...

Friday: here was a lot of subway-riding and blocks and blocks of walking in snow and sleet and puddles and muck while trying to get to the MET. We paid 25 cents each to get in! (Tip: You have to mention the "suggested donation" option and you can give whatever you can afford.) The featured collection that we found ourselves in was "Art and Love in Renaissance Italy." Some of the work was shockingly direct in its sexuality. Others were betrothal stories told on one canvas or simple nude portraits/figures. Also lots of pieces for birth ceremonies and weddings. It's a far cry from the Puritanical mentality we are still trying to escape today. Beauty was recognized and appreciated. But then again it could have been as it is now, in most cases - a means to display the artists' lust. There is more pornography than there is art today. That's a simple fact...

...meanwhile, in the city: ah...where was I. Yes. Lots of walking in the museum with numb, soaked feet in soggy boots and drippy socks. I suffered for the art, man! Then we headed back to Brooklyn but not before we jack-knifed ever so slowly into a curb in one of those double-long buses with the accordion connector in the middle. ...more walking... AAAAND sleep.

Saturday, I spent the entire day indoors. I started to get very sick, probably from exhaustion and the numb feet the night before. So with lots of vitamins, tea, Airborne, and rest, I managed to fight it off. All the while, I worked on a song and wrote you that last blog.

Sunday was great, though a late start to the day. We ate at this grocery/cafe/restaurant called Urban Rustic. Their motto is "Farm to Market." AWESOME quesadilla. If you are ever in Williamsburg and want a tasty simple meal, check it out.

After food, it was off to Pete's Candy Store where a Presbyterian church service was being held (before the open mic.) Let me remind you that Pete's is a bar. Picture a room the size of a subway car with a wannabe Tom Waits (an overdressed white guy) and a young, hipster-looking, pierced, shaggy-haired man "preaching" about Christmas. Presby's aren't afraid to knock back a couple drinks, so after putting that together, a church group meeting in a bar made sense. they piled out into the bar and the open-mikers spilled into the back room and waited. I played first. two songs. "It Kills" and "Light and Shadow" with a supportive response from everyone in the room. (mostly musicians.) I would gladly go back to play there.

They my sister and I said our regretful goodbyes and trekked to the Bronx for her art show. They made me play a half hour set to break up the evening and loosen everyone up (lots of wine going around.) There were 5 or 6 artists showing work while people came and went, checking out the art, buying a piece or two or... not. Basically, I met a ton of people. Handed out a lot of cards and traded myspace links with a bunch of others. It was a great way to end the search for a place to play. I'm sure I'll be making several trips back to play (some gig opportunities are already hatching).

Mix in a vomiting drunk, a blind beggar, subway performers, and nearly getting hit by a bus and that was New York, this time around.

Glad glad glad,

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