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Nicholas Barron


Hi. Welcome to my new website! My new and great friend mark Rubash put it together for me.

Mark just had me play his yearly house concert in Santa Clara in Sonoma county (wine country).

It was one of the best night's of my life and certainly on a performance level was the most intimate.

We are most likely going to put together a DVD of the 3 shows i did when i played in San Francisco and

Sonoma. I have never been captured live in front of an audience which for me means everything.

I become a whole other performer because of adrenaline and intention. There is nothing like knnowing

you have to "bring" it so to speak. I am looking to play many more house concerts in the future.

 I find them to be very special because of the level of intimacy. Everyone feels a special bond in that

intimate setting. I've been known to play completely unplugged later in the night.

environment. If you are interested in having me perform please email at

Me and my father are having a duel exhibit of our most recent paintings throughout June at 2023 West

Roscoe and Seeley at the Starbucks. 

I'm opening for the great Shawn Colvin at Old Town School of Folk Music on saturday June 12.

I love the vibe at Old town as much as any i have ever seen or heard. I am really feeling great about

that night's potential which will also be captured on video. It is very possible that my next record may be

a truly LIVE sound as well. I've been doing many Voice over auditions and had 2 go final. I just got my

first headshots taken so i can audition for commercials and TV.

The movie i wrote 5 songs for and acted in called THE MOLEMAN OF BELMONT AVENUE comes out

this summer! There will be a special screening at The Music Box in Chicago in the next couple months

too. I was just featured on a really great new interview show on Channel 11 (PBS) called FEAR NO

ART. It is a very unique look inside artists spaces and the host-Elysabeth Alfano-asks very intuitive and

smart questions. It will be shown for the 3rd time this Sunday May 23 at 4:30 in the afternoon.

It's wedding season. I have a very soulful band called 312 Chicago that is made of some of my best

friends. I am happy to say that i actually love playing weddings now because of these great folks.

We are the furthest thing from typical and cheesy and our clients are genuinely blown away by our

cool repretoire (60's and 70's Soul-Rock-Funk and Disco) and the authentic and organic feel that one

never hears at a wedding.

I hope to see you at a show soon!!!! Remember-you can buy CD's at or even directly

from myself on my website. Cheers!


I'm Not Superman
The Swimmer Years
"Live In Transient Sound"
As I Am

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